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RENEE PONDER, Master Herbalist

Renée Ponder, Master Herbalist has built a successful herbal company and consulting practice that harmoniously integrates nutrition and herbs. Her clients have experienced great results by following her simple protocols. She is a renowned national speaker and pioneer in the fields of Prevention, Immune Support, Cleansing, Cancer and HIV+. She continues to develop and produce her remarkable formulas  by remaining true to the very nature of the herbs she loves and respects. Renée began her herbal journey over 33 years ago when she purchased an herbal formula from a health food store for her personal use. It didn’t work. She then purchased the same herbs, freshly dried from a farm, that were listed on the label, and mixed the formula herself. It worked. Renée went back to UCLA attending classes in immunology and cell biology. She studied with some of the most renowned herbalists, including Rosemary Gladstar, and continues her education with seminars and course work. Renée has made a mission of pursuing sources for the finest quality fresh and organic herbs. She has developed over 25 herbal formulations, teas, and kits exclusively for Renée Ponder Herbs, Inc. These trademarked formulas are used in nutritional protocols by practitioners for ailments ranging from cancer, colds, flu, allergies, arthritis, menopause, and immune deficiencies. Renée Ponder Herbs, Inc. (founded 1981), is a flourishing California small business. Despite many lucrative offers to mass-produce, Renée has never compromised her standards. Renée offers telephone consultations by appointment only 1-800-684-3722.

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