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Ojibwa Indian Tea

Supports immune system, energy and stamina


This is an herbal formula received by a Canadian nurse during the 1920s from a patient who had cured herself using it. The original formula was given to the patient by an Ojibwa medicine man. It has been used by many since, as an adjunct to conventional treatment. It is suggested to be effective for individuals with weakened immune systems. We have added Pau d'Arco and Red Clover Blossoms to the basic recipe for additional detoxification

Bulk half pound (1/2 Lb.) makes up to 3 gallons of teaInstructions included

Contains: Sheep Sorrel Herb, , Burdock Root, Slippery Elm, Pau d'Arco, Turkey Rhubarb, Red Clover Blossoms.

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