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Herbal Supplement

We live in a highly toxic environment.  To maintain good health it is imperative that we keep the body as clean as possible. Given the constraints of our modern lifestyles, this is often difficult to achieve.  This program is simple to follow.  Both a cleansing and a building program, it should help improve the functioning of the immune system.  It will also assist in eliminating toxins from the system.  It involves the use of fresh and organic herbal formulas that Renée has perfected over a 30 year period.

The Immune System Program is highly recommended for those wishing to attain and maintain optimum health.

The Immune System Kit, Herbal Supplement consists of the following three formulas:

The Immune System Kit contains 2 bottles of Purify Herbal, 1 bottle of Col-Liv Herbal and 1 bottle of Rejuv Herbal and is a one month program. Before starting this nutritional program, especially if you have a serious illness or allergies, please consult your physician.


Cleanses the body of toxins. Supports immune system and promotes circulation.

Ingredients: Red Clover, Echinacea, Cleavers, Yellow Dock, Prickley Ash, Hyssop, Nettles, Burdock, Barberry, Licorice, Gotu Kola, Sasparilla, Alfalfa


Cleanses the colon, liver and gall bladder of mucus and toxins.  Supports gastrointestinal system and liver.

Ingredients: Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Gentian, Rhubarb Root, Fenugreek, Barberry, Oregon Grape Root, Cascara Segrada, Licorice, Fennel, Slippery Elm, Sasparilla, Yellow Dock, Red Clover, Rhubarb Root, Nettles, Burdock

(please note: Used in small amounts, cascara segrada may have a slight laxative effect. We have this formula available without cascara segrada. If desired, ask for Col-Liv Base Formula


Provides the body with greater energy and strength. Improves memory, providing greater mental clarity.

Ingredients:  Chinese Red Ginseng, Chinese White Ginseng, Eleuthro Ginseng, Damiana, Astragalus, Gotu Kola, Gingko

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