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Wormwood Combo Kit (Parasite Kit)

The Parasite Kit (Wormwood Combo Kit) is a one month program of herbal nutrition suggested to rid the body of parasites.

The program is divided into four weeks.

Included is a recommended diet and follow up program.

This program is divided into three phases:


1. Cleanse and create an environment that is unfavorable to the survival of all parasites

2.  Kill the parasites

3.  Cleanse the body of all waste.


This cleanse is recommended when you have symptoms indicating parasites. Your physician can provide a fecal or blood test to see if you have parasites. It is easy to pick up parasites in Central America, Mexico, and Asia. Some individuals choose to do a parasite cleanse without being tested.

The Parasite Kit (Wormwood Combo Kit) consists of Wormwood Combo, Black Walnut Hull, Col-Liv Herbal, Purify Herbal, Rejuv Herbal

Wormwood Combo Kit (Parasite Kit)

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